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Momo-chan ga suki desu
Random ranting #1 
6th-Mar-2012 01:03 pm
So I needed a place to rant cause yeah sometimes I have to many thoughts for my brain to handle ^o^
Once again i have been sucked into crazy, extreamly long and ridiculously dramatic soap-land... Every time I try to withstand the temptation, but these series are sooo annoyingly addictive.. Who in their right senses could not love the never ending love affairs, the misunderstanding, the short marriages?! oh and let's not forget all the people who end up dead.. I have to give it to the writers of these shows, they are incredible amount of mysterious imagination.

At least this time the show that I'm following is in english.. Who knew that not only Germans had the ability to make this kind of series o.O Well not me, that's for sure. Okay so i have to admit that often these series catches my eye because they have a gay couple ^o^ I have a love/hate relationship with gay couples portrayed on TV.. sometimes they are so annoingly cute that I want to throw my computer through the room or rather someones elses computer cause I love my own too much :D

So this new series or actually it's not new it's kinda old.. Anyways As the world turns is my new I-wanna-waste-a-month-of-my-life series. It has everything people and it's in english!! No reading crappy translations no missing important moments because of crappy translation.. Did i mention crappy translations?! I do understand german but when they translate it I have a hard time listening instead of reading..

Moving on. I don't even remember how I found this series.. I'm kinda sure it was me surfing youtube and then stumbling over the Reid/Luke paring.. Cause that how it always happens, right. The fun part is that this happens in season 54-55, which is the last seasons of the series. So I watched this storyline before I had the background, which might have been a bit stupid cause it kinda spoils everything, but I really enjoyed it ^^ Reid Oliver is the most sarcastic self important basterd i heve ever seen and Luke is so extremely self righteous... But they are right for each other I tell ya :D

So later i found a community on livejournal noah_who that made a Luke and Noah rewatch and a Luke rewatch. So now I actually know most of teh stroy connected to the people that I like ^o^ oh wonderful internet!

Oh and Chris Hughes sucks!!!! Now I said it and I know I'm not alone on this one. But really?! How do a character get so damn obnoxious through out the whole series..? It's kinda amazing that not at one point did I like this guy. And yet all the other characters like and idolise him.. Sucks.. And they gave him Reids heart.. Sucks even more! Though he's very nice to Katie and that does give him some brownie points in my book.. Still not enough to get him on my positive list. But the way he handles his sickness it totally unacceptable. How could he not tell his parents and how in the world could he as a doctor ask Reid to go agains his believes. That's just plain mean. 

Okay so I think I have ranted enough for a little while ^o^ yay

7th-Mar-2012 03:35 pm (UTC)
Glad you found this couple! Aren't they just perfect for one another?

It thrills me that the couple is still popular even after the show ended more than a year ago. :)
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